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Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning franchise opportunities with the UK’s Number 1 dry cleaners

Invest in a dry carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise and start building your very own Zerodrytime business

Dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning were our original services to Zerodrytime's leading franchise business solutions

During the last few decades, and throughout the current COVID pandemic, the market has performed reasonably well in comparison to other industries. Investing in a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning franchise can be a very profitable opportunity due to the huge pot of approximately 6 million businesses and 27 million households in the UK that need carpet maintenance. Plus, most people don’t have proper carpet cleaning equipment.

Our franchise opportunity includes running your own dry carpet cleaning franchise business under the established Zerodrytime brand. 

Just like your main franchise area, you will operate within your specified territory, agreed by yourself and Zerodrytime Headquarters. Here, you can develop your dry carpet cleaning franchise business with the full support of our management team, who will help with anything from technical enquiries on types of carpet to providing marketing advice and artwork for any local advertising you decide to run with to help grow your business.

You will be provided with extensive initial training from our dry carpet cleaning training experts who will show you our unique system of dry cleaning carpets. This system, together with our own products gives us the edge over other methods of cleaning carpets. We leave them, dry ready for immediate use, which is exactly what home owners want.

Why dry cleaning over wet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning, is a safer, more cost effective method with better and instant cleaning results. Carpets also remain cleaner for longer, which in the long term will prolong the life of your customers’ carpets.

  • Carpets are instantly dry so you can walk on them straight away.
  • As the system is dry, your furniture can be placed immediately after cleaning. Furthermore the furniture can be moved back and forth during the cleaning process (no need to clear the room).
  • No over wetting causing spilt seams, de-lamination or shrinkage.
  • The results are instant meaning no stains will resurface.
  • Dry systems do not leave damp smells.
  • Our products are safe for you, your family and your pet’s health.
  • Ideal for hotels and businesses as areas do not have to be closed for long periods of time.

Key benefits to your customers

dry carpet cleaning franchise

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