Why Replace when you can Restore?

Why Replace when you can Restore?

COVID-19 is causing a huge impact on new Upholstery orders. However, Zerodrytime can help save you money and time, by restoring your much loved, comfy leather furniture back to as good as new!

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through society and up-rooted life as we know it. Social distancing measures are being put in place, businesses are running at limited capacity, and people are staying home more than ever before. 

With a significant increase in time spent at home, consumer behaviour is changing as people are investing in the comforts of home such as DIY, home entertainment, and specifically, home furniture

While upgrading the comfort of your home is a great idea during this uncertain time, unfortunately, the furniture industry has not completely by-passed the ramifications of the pandemic that many institutions and businesses are currently facing. 

During this time, the furniture industry is experiencing a backlog in the supply chain, ultimately contributing to an overall delay in furniture delivery times. Simultaneously, furniture retailers are noticing a major surge in demand. 

While manufacturers and retailers are doing everything, they can to resolve this problem, the issue isn’t going away just yet. In the meantime, Zerodrytime can help by restoring your leather upholstery back to its former glory. So… why replace when you can restore? 

Increases in Demand

People are spending more time at home than ever. We are working from home, kids are learning from home, and with a shutdown or decreased capacity of restaurants, bars, and theatres, we are entertaining ourselves at home too. 

Many of us think there is no better time than now to invest in making your home a comfortable and safe space to spend time in. 

You may find yourself watching more TV than usual and are getting sick of sitting on the couch with worn-out cushions. Speaking of TV, why not upgrade your home theatre while you’re at it?

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Home projects, home renovations, and furniture upgrades are on the rise at this time causing a major surge in demand in the furniture industry.

Setbacks in Production

Furniture manufacturers are experiencing difficulty keeping up with this demand. It is proving difficult to produce furniture at the rate that orders are coming in.  Not only are manufacturers struggling due to high demand, but production plants are still experiencing delays as they attempt to work their way through the backlog caused by plant shutdowns. 

Although plants are now back up and running based on social distancing guidelines, this has not been an easy process. Plus, many workers do not yet feel comfortable returning to work. With this, plants are attempting to get back on track while being understaffed, and as a result, functioning at limited capacity. 

Finally, while furniture production plants are dealing with barriers of their own, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an overall suspension in the supply chain. More specifically, production plants rely on China for many parts and materials used in the making of their furniture. Although China is recovering from the pandemic, this is also contributing to the setbacks in furniture production.

Delays in Furniture Delivery

The delays seen in the supply chain and manufacturing plants are now rippling through the rest of the industry. 

Given that furniture is not being made as quickly as it typically would prior to the pandemic, furniture retailers are experiencing a significant delay in receiving products to their warehouses. As a result, furniture is taking much longer to reach the doorstep of customers.

How can Zerodrytime help?

With COVID-19 being a global pandemic, no furniture retailer is alone in experiencing these changes to the industry.

This is where Zerodrytime come in to help, with our Leather Upholstery Restoration and Recolouring services

Our technicians all undergo intensive training at head office

One of the world’s largest furniture retailers is also facing these new challenges presented by the pandemic including extreme delays in delivery. 

On CTV News, an IKEA Spokesperson said:

 “We recognise that, despite our best efforts, there have been long wait times, delays, and cancellations, due to the unprecedented surge we’ve seen in online orders. Our normal ways of working have been disrupted and this is true for our service providers who are also experiencing unprecedented volumes. We truly regret any inconvenience caused and our teams are working hard every day to address these issues.”

A new leather suite can cost thousands of pounds. Restoring or recolouring your existing leather sofa will cost significantly less, and leaves a surface essentially the same as the original factory finish, giving you many more years of use.

Most of our customers who discover our Leather Upholstery Restoration service didn’t even know it could be done.

Plus, our specialist techniques gives us a distinct advantage as we can clean and restore your leather upholstery in your own home or at work, saving you the expense, time and inconvenience of being without your furniture

Results of any leather furniture restoration will, of course, greatly depend on it’s current condition.

Before we can give you an accurate quote, we will always need to arrange a visit so we can physically see and test the condition of your leather furniture. You will get an honest, realistic opinion of what is
achievable and what you can expect from us.

So if you are considering replacing your leather sofa, STOP! Give Zerodrytime a call or drop us an email to find out how we could help give you many more years use out of your existing sofa, and potentially save you thousands of pounds!

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